Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Here are our most frequently asked questions.

                          Facilities Management (FM) is the day-to-day operations necessary to ensure a physical environment supports an organization’s needs and core function.
                          It can also be defined as an organizational function which integrates people, place and processes within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business. - ISO Standards (ISO 41001)

                          Integrated facilities management is the unification of all facility management contracts and internal strategies under one system and management team. The consolidation simplifies day-to-day operational management and creates better oversight, communication, and efficiency. It’s often the final step in the organic growth of an organization’s facilities management structure.

                          Taking an integrated approach to managing your facility means fewer contracts, teams, and resources to juggle, as well as a bird’s-eye view of all facility management-related tasks. Having an expert team take care of your facility management tasks means your team can focus on core strategic priorities that will move your business forward.
                          When you leverage the power of a single, self-delivering provider through IFM, the incremental improvements can be endlessly accumulated and compounded.

                          FM ensures that the places where we work, play, learn or live are safe, comfortable, sustainable, and efficient. It contributes to an organization’s strategy and bottom line in several ways, including:
                          •    Contributes to operational efficiencies
                          •    Plan and deliver infrastructure needs to support productivity
                          •    Manage risks including those to facilities, employees, suppliers and business reputation
                          •    Mitigate and reduce environmental impact
                          •    Promote sustainable tactics for long-term cost management
                          •    Leverage technological solutions
                          •    Mitigate and overcome effects of natural disasters
                          •    Guarantee compliance
                          •    Leverage security

                          Operations & Maintenance
                                  Finance & Business
                              Project Management
                              Leadership & Strategy
                              Risk Management
                              Performance & Quality
                              Communication
                              Customer Service
                              Real Estate
                              Sustainability
                             Sourcing and overseeing contracts and service providers for functions such as catering, cleaning, parking, security, and technology.
                              Advising businesses on measures to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the facility.
                              Supervising teams of staff across different divisions
                              Ensuring that basic facilities are well-maintained and conducting proactive maintenance
                              Dealing with emergencies as they arise
                              Managing budgets
                              Ensuring that facilities meet compliance standards and government regulations
                              Planning for the future by forecasting the facility’s upcoming needs and requirements
                              Overseeing any renovations, refurbishments, and building projects
                              Helping with office relocations
                              Ensuring employee and facility safety
                              Drafting maintenance reports
                              Fostering a professional working environment.

                          Facilities management is specialised in monitoring the upkeep of a property, from cleaning to electrical and appliance repairs and maintenance, while property management focus on liaising with tenants, collecting rent, reinvestment and more.
                          Outsourcing can be a cost-effective option by reducing in-house training and payroll costs. Often, the more specialized, less frequent services are outsourced, while standard, routine services are kept in-house.
                              Time and cost savings
                              Leverage on expertise
                              Staffing flexibility
                             Hard FM deals with physical assets such as plumbing, wiring, elevators, and heating and cooling.
                              Soft FM focuses on tasks performed by people such as custodial services, lease accounting, catering, security, cleaning, and groundskeeping.
                             Number of downtime of equipment
                              Work order response time
                              Backlog of deferred work orders
                              Planned maintenance completion rate
                              Energy Use Intensity (EUI)
                              Water Use Intensity
                              Actual Facilities Costs vs Budgets
                              GSF/person (office space)
                              Maintenance Cost/GSF
                              Utility Cost/GSF
                              Customer Satisfaction (% satisfied)
                          Why choose Depriss Facilities Management?
                          The main reason why you should choose us is because we make your facility our business by  improving its operational efficiency. Other reasons include:
                              We apply the best industry practices and standards to achieve continuous improvement.
                              Our recommendations will always be in your best interest.
                              We are solution-focused, and we use data to inform our decisions for long term success.
                              We work collaboratively with our clients, valuing positive relationships above all else.
                              We guarantee highest level of customer satisfaction.
                              We offer customized solutions to fit client needs.
                              We have a talented, agile and motivated team that is ready to meet and exceed customer expectations.
                              Our services are cost-effective and time-efficient.
                              We leverage on technology through our home-grown Facilities Management Software