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Snagging & Handover

We are good at identifying and highlighting internal and external defects that would not meet the standards of finishing that’s agreed between Developer and Contractor, bound by a contract. Our handover services entail facilitating the process of accepting the property from the Contractor after all client’s requirements are met. Let us help you with:

  • Checking the property for the developer before receiving it from the contractor.
  • Supplying you with very clear snap shot of the property condition.
  • Providing a detailed Snagging report which can be shared with the contractor before the final acceptance.
  • Confirming that it’s delivered as per the schedule and standard.

By considering our snagging and handover services, you will:

  • Reduce future Maintenance Costs.
  • Ensure high quality of the finishing.
  • Ensure smooth Handover.
  • Ensure Higher Property Value.
  • Enable Ease of Sale/Rental.