Your Facility, Our Business

Need a company you can entrust to manage your facility, property or project?

We help organizations optimize full potential of their real estate and assets – through innovation, cost management, risk management and statutory compliance. Depriss Facilities Management is a team of seasoned project managers, planners, coordinators and technicians.

Basically, we provide a single point of entry for coordination of all services relating to efficient and effective running of a Facility. Our business is modeled as an integrated facilities management solution delivered in customized form to suit specific business needs of corporate real estate. This integrated approach offers flexibility of sourcing for various facilities management services from one vendor; hence helps to streamline
communication and make day-to-day operations easier to manage. This saves the Client time and cost of dealing with several vendor contracts.

Our Value Proposition

Our Vision

Our unique competitive edge is focusing on facilities operational efficiency which is a significant determinant on profitability of an organization. We apply industry best practices such as Design Thinking, Six Sigma and 5S in Improving Facilities Operational Efficiency.

To be the leading facilities management service provider in the region and the preferred place of employment for real estate professionals.

Core Values

Our Mission

 Collaboration: Working together with stakeholders to achieve clients’ goals and objectives.
Continuous Improvement: Involving all stakeholders in progressively improving products, services or processes.
Communication: Carefully listening & understanding Client needs and concerns and issuing necessary timely feedback.
Sustainability: Utilizing locally available resources and strictly sourcing environment friendly materials.

To exceed expectations of our clients by offering the highest level of facilities management through collaboration, innovation, continuous improvement and accountability.

Why Choose Us

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We apply the best industry practices and standards to achieve continuous improvement.

Our recommendations will always be in your best interest.

We are solution-focused, and we use data to inform our decisions for long term success.

We work collaboratively with our clients, valuing positive relationships above all else.

We guarantee highest level of customer satisfaction.

We offer customized solutions to fit client needs.

We have a talented, agile and motivated team that is ready to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Quality Policy Statement

We are committed to provision of an integrated solution for professional facilities management services. We maintain highest standards of safety, comfort and communication to provide a motivating environment for our clients. Quality in our business processes is measured through quality indicators. We consistently measure our clients’ satisfaction and act on the results. We do our business honestly and fairly treat our customers, employees and shareholders with respect. We abide by the laws of the land and honour all commitments made to our customers.

Our approach entails knowing our clients’ businesses inside-out, establishing clear responsibility and accountability for managing key activities, and working with our clients to create long-lasting partnerships. We continuously undertake to improving our processes and procedures through monitoring and evaluation. Our consistent research enables us to locally apply global solution in facilities management.

Need a reliable company you can entrust to manage your facility, property or project?