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We help organizations optimize full potential of their real estate and assets – through innovation, cost management, risk management and statutory compliance. Depriss Facilities Management is a team of seasoned project managers, planners, coordinators and technicians. 

Basically, we provide a single point of entry for coordination of all services relating to efficient and effective running of a Facility. Our business is modeled as an integrated facilities management solution delivered in customized form to suit specific business needs of corporate real estate.

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Integrated Facilities Management

It is very easy to get distracted from your core business as you try to attend to maintenance and operation of your equipment, buildings and facilities.
By providing you with expert resources and a tailored facility management service, we free you up to focus on your core business, so you can be confidently assured that your facilities are managed and maintained to the highest standards. This in turn ensures comfort and safety for those who use your facilities .

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Featured FM Services

Soft FM Services

Chances are that your facility, building, workplace needs to be maintained in a clean, safe, secure, productive and functional state. This is what we do best, and it is never too late to entrust us with your facilities.

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Maintenance & Repair Services

We restore machinery, equipment and facilities to working order . We also provide routine maintenance (i.e. servicing) on your machinery, equipment and facilities.
Through our skilled artisans, we accurately diagnose faults and promptly fix them using reliable and quality materials.
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Facilities Consultancy Services

Our aim is to reduce wasteful processes and inefficiencies in service design, construction, asset management, maintenance and replacement which will save money and deliver real value.

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Property Management

We provide daily oversight of real estate through planning, coordinating, controlling, and reporting operational activities to preserve its value and optimize return on investment (ROI). We have a team of seasoned and experience Property Managers to handle any size of real estate portfolio. We are registered and regulated by Estates Registration Board (EARB). Your property is safe in in our hands because we are good at de-risking and resolving tenant matters and maintenance issues.

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Featured PM Services

Tenant Screening & Onboarding

We conduct background checks on prospective tenants to determine their history on rent payment, eviction, credit and criminal activities.
This gives the landlord confidence of a tenant’s ability to pay rent and fulfill their tenant obligations without compromising the reputation of a property.
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Service Charge Management

Based on the terms of the lease, we diligently administer service level agreements for all operating expenses for a property.
With proper planning and budgeting, we avoid wastage and only spend on essential services.

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Property Management Reporting

We enhance visibility and accountability by presenting timely, accurate and comprehensive periodic reports to the property owners.

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Project Management

We help clients manage their projects and programs more effectively so that they are completed on time, as per specifications and within the budget.
Through Project Management we lead teams to achieve predefined goals or outcomes within constraints of time, scope, cost, quality and resources; and using a set of proven methodologies and tools.

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Feasibility Study

Through a feasibility study, we help you determine chances of success of any of your proposed project. Basically, we conduct a thorough analysis of a project proposal that considers all elements essential to help you

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Project Costing   & Scheduling

A project is considered successful when it is delivered on time and within budget. Project cost and project schedule are the two main critical and uncertain aspects of the project lifecycle.
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Documentation & Reporting

Project documentation lays the foundation for quality, traceability, and history for both the individual document and for the complete project documentation.

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