Property Management

W e provide daily oversight of real estate through planning,  coordinating,

controlling, and reporting operational activities to preserve its

value and optimize return on investment (ROI).

We provide daily oversight of real estate through planning, coordinating, controlling, and reporting operational activities to preserve its value and optimize return on investment (ROI). Our experienced team of professional Property Managers who will assist you with the following property management services.

 Tenant Screening & Acquisition
 Lease Negotiation & Administration
 Property Inspection
 Rent & Service Charge Collection
 Service Charge Management
 Maintenance Supervision
 Tenant Relationship Management
 Vendor Relationship Management
 Move Management
 Regulatory Compliance
 Property Management Reporting

Service Charge Management

Based on the terms of the lease, we diligently administer service level agreements for all operating expenses for a property. With proper planning and budgeting, we avoid wastage and only spend on essential services.

We have stringent financial controls that ensure that there are no budget over-runs and end-of month audits are conducted and reports shared with the property owners. Procurement of services is done above board to ensure quality is maintained while achieving cost saving. Maintenance planning, building inspections, daily checks of equipment and analysis of utilities are some of the strategies we employ in service charge management.

Service charge accounts are audited and necessary action taken based on the audit reports. We apply best practice standards to ensure that property owners and tenants get value for their money.

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